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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chattahoochee Urban Park

This is a start of some architectual pictures, actually the porch at Bethany Oaks in Madison was the start. This was painted during the Great Chattahoochee Paint Out sponsored by the Roswell Tourism and Jackson Gallery and CNC. Since I was out for the day with no responsibilities I managed to draw this small painting (9x12 w/c) with a ruler in 3 1/2 hrs. only because of no distractions. It is an urban park under the overpass of Holcomb Bridge with joggers, bikers, fisherman, canoeists, kayakers etc. but no one paying any more attention to anyone else by themselves. and then it took three hours to paint. I like the results a lot. But I could never be paid enough for the time and sweat put in it. As perhaps most artists feel. heat index was well over 100, code orange day, but it sure felt great to put in a long days work with great results, hope you agree!!
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